1812 Abogados is a multi-disciplinary law firm that works with other lawyers and national and international law firms. 1812 Abogados actively involves other professionals such as translators, economists, architects, auctioneers and engineers to ensure that every task is done with excellence.

Currently the firm has Demófilo Vitorique and Ramón Sánchez  as its principal lawyers.

Demófilo Vitorique


+ 34 675940581


Demófilo is a licensed attorney with a law degree from the Universidad de Cádiz. He holds a Máster’s in Business/Corporate Law from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid which is jointly organized by ICADE, ESADE and DEUSTO. He is a native Spanish speaker, and speaks Italian as well as English.

He was a candidate for the Cuerpo de Letrados in Andalucia and has collaborated with national and international law firms.

He has worked on cases dealing with Due Diligence, Civil and Commercial Contracts, Divorces, Wills, Civil Responsibilities, Liability of public authorities, Layoffs, Insolvency, Administrative Procedures, Expropriation, Public Contracting and Public property and regulated sectors such as water, mines , coasts , energy ….

His areas of expertise include Civil, Commercial/Trade, Administrative, Labor and Criminal Law.

Ramón Sánchez Heredia

+ 34 626568335

Ramón Sánchez Heredia is a lawyer with a Law degree from the Universidad de Cádiz. He has been a councilman and a political spokesman for the city of Cadiz, from 1991 to 1995.

He has extensive professional experience in the area of Criminal Law, specifically with corporate crimes, homicide, injuries, crimes against morality, libel, slander, theft, robbery, fraud, and embezzlement.

Ramón Sánchez Heredia also provides legal advice relating to Rights of the Consumer, Civil and Administrative Law, and Real Estate. This includes: Real estate sales, commercial leases, divorces, community of owners, and administrative offences and sanctions. He takes legal responsibility regarding matters of great public importance.

Furthermore, Sánchez is a man dedicated to defending the rights of people who are at risk of social exclusion. He actively participates in rehabilitation programs, education, social reintegration programs, and works to fight discrimination. He’s made partnerships with various NGOs, and organizations that seek to reduce the gap between these groups and the rest of society.