What areas of law does 1812 Abogados practice?

Our law firm offers comprehensive legal services specializing in the following areas:

Lawyers Conil de la Frontera - Real Estate

Real Estate

Lawyers Cádiz - Family and Succession Law

Family and Succession Law

Lawyers CADIZ - Civilian Responsibilities/Claims

Civilian Responsibilities/Claims

Lawyers - La Barrosa - Civil Law and Right of the Consumer

Civil Law and Right of the Consumer

Lawyers Jerez de la Frontera - Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Lawyers Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Lawyers Puerto de Santa María - Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Lawyers Conil de la Frontera - Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Lawyers Caños de Meca - Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Lawyers Zahara de los Atunes - Antitrust/Competition Law

Antitrust/Competition Law

Lawyers - Barbate - Labor and Employment Law

Labor and Employment Law

Lawyers Medina Sidonia - Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration

Real Estate

1812 Abogados is involved with real estate transactions, buyers, sellers, agents, developers, builders, architects and engineers in matters relating to:

Lawyers office - Chiclana de la Frontera - CADIZ
  • Sales and Acquisitions of Real Estate
  • Lease Agreements
  • Organization of Real Estate Complexes
  • Condominium property
  • Developmental, Constructional, and Technical Contracts
  • Organization of Real Estate Complexes
  • Severance, merger and/or aggregation of title
  • New construction and accommodation excess registration statements
  • Liability of building agents
  • Mortgages and ground clauses

Family and Succession law

We advise legally in family law matters assisting our clients in:

Lawyers office - Vejer - CADIZ
  • Divorces, Separations and Marriage Annulments
  • Compensatory pensions
  • Pensions for food
  • Guard and custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Modification of measures
  • Appointment of paternity
  • Appointment of guardian

We also provide legal services in succession law:

  • Inheritance
  • Wills
  • Legacies
  • Intestacy

Civil Claims/Responsibilities

The office is responsible for the claim of civil responsibilities:

Lawyers Conil de la Frontera - CADIZ - Civil Claims/Responsibilities
  • For medical negligence
  • Traffic accidents
  • Claims arising from a crime
  • Contractual and non-contractual

Civil Law and Consumer Rights

1812 Abogados has an extensive knowledge in each of the branches that make up the Civil law in Spain:

Lawyers Chiclana de la Frontera - Civil Law and Consumer Rights
  • Rights of the individual
  • Obligations and contracts
  • Property rights
  • Family law and succession law

In addition, we advise in the field of consumer rights, solving any problem that may arise relating to this

  • Contracts with consumers
  • Abusive clauses in contracts
  • Civil settlements for damage caused by defective products and other goods and services
  • Judicial and extrajudicial procedures in this area

Administrative Law

1812 Abogados provides legal advice to the public sector, private enterprises and individuals in the area of administrative law

Lawyers Puerto Real - Administrative Law
  • Administrative infringements and sanctions
  • Administrative procedures
  • Expropriations
  • Public contracting
  • Administrative court proceedings
  • Public property and regulated sectors such as water, mines, coasts and ports, health, forestry, transportation, gaming, telecommunications, energy…
  • State aid and subsidies
  • Liability of public authorities
  • Infrastructure
  • Public assets and privatization and acquisition processes

Environmental Law

Individuals and companies must adopt the necessary measures to prevent and avoid the production of environmental damage.

1812 Abogados is a law firm committed to the conservation and preservation of the environment, and offers advice on:

Lawyers San Fernando - Cádiz - Medio ambiente
  • Administrative concessions, authorizations and permits of a natural area
  • Protection of natural areas
  • Administrative proceedings regarding declarations of contaminated land
  • Waste management
  • Noise pollution
  • Responsible purchasing
  • Assistance with administrative enforcement proceedings
  •  Defending clients in court

Criminal Law

Criminal law seeks to safeguard the legal rights that are considered essential in a particular legal community, such as the right to life, physical and moral health, freedom, environment, heritage and integrity…

1812 Abogados provides criminal advice in the following areas:

Lawyers CADIZ - Criminal Law
  • Crimes against property and the socioeconomic order: Robberies, thefts, scams and embezzlement.
  • Crimes against the person (injury and manslaughter)
  • Crimes against privacy and personal portrayal
  • Reputational crimes (malicious accusation and criminal insult).
  • White-collar crime/corporate criminal liability
  • Public finance and social security offenses
  • Occupational health and safety offenses
  • Environmental crime
  • Intellectual property crimes
  • Forgery and misrepresentation
  • Market and consumer offenses
  • Criminal responsability of minors

Commercial Law

1812 Abogados, specializes in legal consulting for businesses, and assists in the field of:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Corporate law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Banking, finance,  and securities markets
  • Insurance
  • Maritime and Transportation
  • Insolvency

Intellectual Property

1812 Abogados provides advice on intellectual and Industrial property in the following areas:

Intellectual Property - Lawyers Medina Sidonia - CADIZ
  • Distinctive signs
  • Patents and utility models, industrial designs, designations of origin and geographical indications.
  • Artistic, literary, scientific, audiovisual and technological creations
  • Personal portrayal, personal and business reputation, information and know-how with business value, etc

Antitrust/Competition Law

Our firm advises in the following matters:

Competition in business
  • Cartels and anticompetitive agreements
  • Abuses of dominant position
  • Unfair competition
  • Control of concentrations
  •  Foreign trade
  •  International recruitment
  • Internal Market of the European Union
  • Public aid European Union
  •  Livestock and fisheries of the European Union
  • Relevant judicial actions before the Court of Justice of the European Union

Labor and Employment Law

Our firm will solve the problems that you have in the field of:

Labor and Employment Law - Lawyers office - Chiclana
  • Employment contracts
  • Holding in abeyance and termination of individual employment relationships
  • Disciplinary system
  • Geographical and functional mobility. Material modifications to working conditions.
  • Social security
  • Occupational risk prevention
  • Responsibilities arising from accidents at work and occupational diseases

Litigation and Arbitration

Conflicts in a civilized society cannot be resolved on the basis of the use of force since it must be confronted by the rule of law.

In accordance with the principles of security and justice, social problems must be solved in accordance with the rule of law, and ultimately through a process with all the necessary guarantees to preserve the effective judicial protection and the defense of the rights of the individual and groups.

Our firm legally defends clients in legal proceedings of:

Lawyers Conil de la Frontera - Litigation and Arbitration
  • Civil and Commercial
  • Criminal
  • Labour
  • Contentious – Administrative
  • Arbitration
  •  Mediation and in Conciliation Processes